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Please watch our video!  This explains the program in detail, and you will learn the amazing things this program will do for your pizzeria!  After the video, look farther down on the page for a live Demo!


We have built a demo of the Messenger Bot for you to try and see how it works personally!  If you have a special code word, put that in when your messenger opens up.  Otherwise just put in the word DEMO and you are all set!

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Our Mission and Who we are


Our Mission

Our mission is to arm the independent pizzeria owner with the marketing ammunition to sell more pizza, take market share from their competitors, and to build a better life for their families and employees.

We believe Pizza is the most powerful food in the world.  Pizza touches people at an emotional level and is directly connected to your memories like no other food.   

Our philosophy is that Pizza is Love, Joy, and Happiness!  We strive to connect our clients to their customers at that emotional and personal level!

The secret recipe for huge success in the pizza business is being able to make that emotional connection with your customer, AND to have a powerful way to communicate with them one on one.

That's why we created The ROI Advantage and the S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Platform,  for the Independent Pizzeria Owner!

Who We Are

All of us at Cutting Edge Marketing and are lifelong pizza operators and marketers.   We have a true passion for the Pizza business. 

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully owned and operated multiple Italian restaurants and pizzeria concepts.  

We have become experts in pizzeria marketing through years of real-life experience.  This experience taught us that every marketing dollar is important, and MUST HAVE A RETURN ON INVESTMENT! 

Our Founder, Sean Brauser, has been honored to speak multiple times at the Pizza Expo, the NRA Show, and even delivered the Keynote Speech at the International Pizza Expo.   He has taught 1,000's of people marketing strategies and tactics that he uses today in the Agency.

Sean won the Best Pizza in the Midwest three times, The Best Gourmet Pizza in America, and was featured on the Food Network.  Sean competed eight times at the World Pizza Championships, winning two Gold medals.

Being a Founding Partner of the World Pizza Champions, as well as a member of the Pizza Industry Council, allows him to gain insight into the pizza business as no other marketing agency could.

Sean started, built, and sold two, multi-million dollar pizza concepts using the same marketing strategies and concepts that we will bring to your restaurant!